MCS on the website of the Setúbal Council

MCS no website da Câmara Municipal de Setúbal

The food company MCS - Moagens Cereais Setúbal was inaugurated on May 29th, with an investment of six million euros and the creation of fifty direct jobs.

The industrial complex is a result of the reactivation of an old industrial unit which had been shut down and which underwent extensive requalification work for over a year.

“This is an investment which made it possible to restore run down facilities, in what can be considered record time, and which have now been reborn with the capacity to produce 350 daily tons of wheat flour”, stated the president of the Municipality, at the inauguration.
Moagens Cereais Setúbal is, in this first phase, focused on the exportation of goods to the African continent, namely to supply a pasta factory in Angola.
The expectations of the president of the company’s board, Paulo Guedes, involve being fully operational within a year, with the commercialization of flours for household use.
The president of the Municipality congratulated the company’s board for materialization of an investment which has generated “more jobs and another company whose headquarters are located in the municipality”, a reality which “proves how attractive Setúbal continues to be due to its central location and the characteristics which make it one of the most important cities in the country”.
Maria das Dores Meira highlighted the fact that the opening of the industrial unit, located in Quinta dos Ciprestres, shows “municipal willingness to assess the investors’ requests quickly and appropriately, always aiming to create more work, more jobs, and more wealth in Setúbal”.