MCS - Moagens Cereais de Setúbal S.A. is a company in the food industry, more precisely in the milling industry, which is dedicated to the production of wheat flour.

The company, which was founded in January of 2014, is located in Setúbal and it has progressively grown, using the most modern technologies to flour manufacture and control.

This project aims to provide products and services of excellence and added value to our customers, while trying to exceed their expectations. The company was created with human resources with extensive experience and great knowledge in the sector. The infrastructure was designed with creativity, which resulted in totally automated production processes and a complete control of the manufactured products.

The company is committed to provide products that fulfill the requirements of its customers and regulatory requirements applicable to food security. MCS obtained, in January of 2017, the certification of its Quality Management System by the Standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015 in the context of the production and marketing of Food Flours, in July of 2018, the certification of its Food safety Management System by the Standard NP EN ISO 22000:2005 and, in October of 2017, the Halal certification.