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manufacture of flours Cereals

Modern technologies for
manufacturing and flour control



Moagens Cereais de Setúbal S.A. is a company in the food industry, more precisely in the milling industry, which is committed to the production of Cereal Flours.
The company, which was founded in January of 2014, is located in Setúbal and it has progressively grown, using the most modern technologies for flour production and control.
This project aims to provide excellent products and services with added value for our customers, while trying to exceed their expectations. The company was created with human resources that have vast experience and great knowledge in the industry. The infrastructure was designed with creativity, which has resulted in fully automated production processes and complete control of the goods produced.

The Administration is committed to providing the products, fulfilling the requirements of its customers and regulatory requirements applicable to food security. As a corollary of that commitment, the MCS obtained in January 2017, the certification of your quality management System by norm NP EN ISO 9001:2015, in the context of the production and marketing of Food Meal.



Wheat flour type 55

Wheat flour type 55 extra

Wheat flour type 65

Wheat flour type 65 corrected

Wheat flour consist

Wheat flour type 65 (rustic bread)

Wheat flour type 80

Wheat flour type 150

Wheat flour type Water bread

Wheat and rye flour

Wheat flour and carob

Rye flour

Rice flour

Bulk Flour

Bags flour

Wheat Flour extra fine

fiber-rich wheat flour

Wheat Flour Special Cakes

Wheat flour Collinary Use

Wheat Flour Special Pizza



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Cooperation with the university of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon

It is with great satisfaction that we leave here the poster developed by Dr. Patrícia Antunes in a cooperation between MCS - Moagens Cereais Setúbal and the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the New University of Lisbon, in the development and characterization of new products.


Certification ISO 22000

MCS-Moagens Cereais Setúbal, SA informs that in July 2018 obtained the certification of its Food Safety Management System by the norm NP EN ISO 22000:2005, in the scope of "Wheat Flour Production and Food Flour ".


Tecnipão 2018

Tecnipão was chosen as the national fair for the bakery sector. In itself, it is already an excellent opportunity to be present and to be in close contact with a large number of the market players, who offer the most diverse instruments and differentiating know how in this business.
In this context MCS - Moagens Cereais Setúbal, simply had to be present once again.


MCS Obtaining the ISO 9001

We are proud to announce that MCS – Moagens Cereais Setubal, SA, has been certified ISO 9001:2015 since January 2017. This certification regard to Cereal Milling & Distribution Process.


SISAB 2017


SISAB 2016

MCS – Moagens Cereais Setúbal, S.A. will take part in SISAB Portugal (International Trade Fair for Portuguese Food and Beverage) for the first time this year. The event will be held on February 29th, March 1st and 2nd at Meo Arena, Parque das Nações.


Cereals Setúbal mills in the fair TECNIPÃO 9-12 October 2015

We will be present at the fair TECNIPÃO 9-12 October 2015, in the Exposalão Batalha - Leiria. The TECNIPÃO is the most important event of the paid sector in Portuguese territory, the one who brings together in one place the branches bakery, pastry and confectionery, for which active in the fair as workshops, seminars and demonstrations, which invite the participation of professional public, over several days.


Grinding Cereals Setúbal news on the website of the Municipality of Setúbal

The food company Moagens Cereais Setúbal was inaugurated on the morning of the 29th of May, with an investment of six million euros and the creation of fifty direct jobs.



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(+351) 265 098 027

NIF: 510 890 512

Rua do Cruzeiro, Estrada dos Ciprestes
2900 – 002 Setúbal

GPS: 38°32'45.4"N 8°52'58.6"W

Mário Diogo Correia

Paulo Guedes